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EXERGY: ( \’ek-sc r-je \ n. ) The energy potential available for any endeavor

EXERGY Partners is a consulting firm designed to capitalize on opportunities arising out of utility deregulation and global climate change in the energy and construction industry. 

EXERGY Partners has developed a client base working in the field of refrigeration and HVAC system integration and dehumidification technologies, and is taking a leadership role in the emergence of the integration of onsite power generation, energy recovery and thermal energy management.  EXERGY Partners is providing strategic direction for this new building’s focused initiative on cooling, heat and power (CHP).


Energy security, high performance buildings, carbon footprint and the need to be Green are a few of the economic decisions which must be made from the right knowledge-base. EXERGY is joining forces with four technical, economic and legal powerhouses in the build environment. For more informaiton:

How Europe is moving forward with CHP - A new film titled "What are we waiting for?"

Watch a short film - made by BAFTA award-winning Memory Box Films and narrated by Clive Anderson - to find out how we can

ensure energy security using Distributed Energy and CHP. 18-minute) film may take some time to load:

Download What are we waiting for? (60MB, wmv)  

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